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    We started the business 10 years ago as we could see huge potential for mobile. Our model has evolved as the space has grown and developed. Much of our work is around strategy where we help brands understand how mobile, social and tech is impacting their business. Our work defines the landscape and identifies the opportunities for competitive advantage.


    And we can also bring these strategies to life; developing experiences, services and products across mobile, social and content. We do this using the architect / builder model we have pioneered over the last decade, where the addictive team do the thinking and planning and then work closely with the best suited builder to make it happen. That Builder may be part of our extensive friends and family, or it could be from the clients own network. This approach - when done transparently - is really effective and efficient.



    Everything is Mobile

    The relentless rise of mobile means that just about any marketing or business problem needs to be considered with a Mobile lens. Our approach usually involves social and content and we always think cross device, so increasingly we are looking at the desktop experience too. With emerging tech like beacons we are also looking at how digital and the real world can be blended.

    We live in exciting times.

  • Route55

    Connecting Creative & Tech


    The 55 Bus runs from Soho - a world centre for Creativity and Advertising - through Clerkenwell to Silicon Roundabout, the heart of Europes' tech scene.


    Along the way it passes the offices of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, WPP, GroupM, Starcom, IPG and many more.


    We see huge opportunities for synergy between these two industry sectors and have started Route55 as a vehicle ( sorry) to drive better connections and collaboration. We will work with brands and our Tech company partners to make your advertising better

  • The Tech businesses we are working with

    Get in touch to learn more about how these companies might help you

    Programmatic Creative

    A hot topic but we believe these guys are the best at blending data and creative. Much more powerful than decision tree DCO they are already working with brands like Expedia, Adidas & Dyson and publishers such as Trinity Mirror and the FT

    Data driven targeting; Cookie free

    The typical programmatic campaign relies on cookies and that doesn't translate well to mobile. This approach uses a wealth of 3rd party data to deliver ads in premium publisher environments

    AI driven Data science tool

    Extracting insight from customer data is the raw material for effective marketing. Rulex is a fast easy way to derive real understanding of Big Data

    Responsive Advertising

    Brands are wasting money on creating many different assets for digital advertising. Responsive lets you create one great experience that works across any device and any screen

    Interactive Video

    This AI driven platform lets you add hot spots to any video so the user can interact - be that by linking to a site or buying an item from the video

    Proximity Network

    Location is the secret sauce of mobile and Tamo.co are creating the first Proximity network so brands can reach people through beacons, WiFi, GPS & NFC

  • Mobile Fix

    We produce Mobile Fix every week to share news and views on mobile and related topics. We have around 6000 subscribers across tech firms like Google (>500), Facebook, Snap, eBay, Yahoo etc as well as many VCs, Brands and Agencies.

    You can read older issues here and you can sign up for the email version here

    October 18, 2019
    newTV The Q3 Netflix results are out and they are not great - US subscribers grew by less than expected whilst international subs grew. But many were expecting worse and the stock price jumped. The shareholders letter from Reed Hastings is a must read - especially his take on all the...
    October 11, 2019
    #adtechPerfectStorm The vice like grip of GDPR and CCPA keeps tightening. In Europe courts rule that users must actively consent to cookies and “a box checked by default is therefore insufficient.” Interestingly the ICO has now a new consent pop up ( see above) which is rather more stringent...
    October 4, 2019
    #AdTechPerfectStorm Just like Wyle E Coyote we think many people in adtech haven’t quite realised they have run out of road. With the rise of privacy - driven by GDPR and the imminent California Consumer Privacy Act - running parallel to the demise of third party cookies through browser policy...
    September 27, 2019
    Hardware We talked last week about hardware being back in fashion in light of the Portal launch from Facebook. The major change came with Amazon needing distribution for Alexa - and lacking the advantages of ‘controlling’ IoS and Android smartphones. Over 800m smart home devices will ship this...
    September 20, 2019
    News In a world of fake news, deep fake video and a general lack of trust, the traditional media brands can still be beacons. Whether or not you agree with their world view they still drive debate and GAFA are taking steps to improve how they are treated in digital. Google are looking at...
    September 13, 2019
    Facial recognition Picking up on this from last week, the UK is one of the most monitored societies in the world - it’s estimated that there are over 500k cameras in London alone. Bloomberg looks at how Facial recognition is being used in Europe and aren’t keen.The current BBC drama Capture...
    September 6, 2019
    Privacy More privacy issues with GAFA. Fix friend Johnny Ryan had found a previously unknown (?) process where Google uses Push Pages to - apparently - get around GDPR. Read through some of the evidence and the flow charts and you see how complicated this space is. The FT cover the story and...
    August 29, 2019
    #AdtechPerfectStorm For all the doom and gloom around adtech it is enlightening to see that The TradeDesk IPO has been the most successful tech IPO - up 1300% and performing 3 times better than Facebook. Is there a flight to quality / size? Will the rise of Identity allow the big players like...
    August 23, 2019
    Why treat customers as strangers? Since I heard the CEO of Sky mention that addressable ads were really effective at curbing channel switching (at an Isba event last year) I have been using the quote everywhere. Now the full study is available and we see that addressable ads ran by Sky Adsmart...
    August 22, 2019
    The feebleFix; I have gone down with some bug and feeling feeble together with the various drugs are not conducive to thinking and insights. So this Fix is the raw material — the stories and reports without any of my views. There is lots of good reading here and normal service will be resumed...
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  • Strategy

    We do a wide range of work helping brands understand what's happening in mobile, social and tech. We identify threats and opportunities and help develop effective strategies for responding to these changes.

    Mobile & Social Strategy

    We have worked with a wide range of brands looking at specific verticals and the trends affecting them. With market mapping and other frameworks we look at best practice and how the brand can gain competitive advantage

    Are you happy with your strategy?


    With our Fit4Mobile framework we look at all aspects of a brands communications. Having identified problem areas we make recommendations on quick fixes and longer term solutions.

    Many brands are wasting money and missing opportunities by not being mobile Fit. How are you doing?

    Our futurolgy video from 2002

    Provocative Thinking 

    Our thinking is valued by lots of people and we are asked to speak at events and workshops for Google, Facebook and Yahoo as well as many industry events.

    Our futurology video from 2002 now looks a little cheesy (it was created for a client conference) but we anticipated much of todays digital landscape.

    Could you use some Provocative Thinking?



    Since we wrote the ISBA Guide to Mobile back in 2010 ( let us know if you would like a copy) we have helped lots of brands with training around mobile. With consistently good feedback. Can we help you get your team up to speed?

    Mobile Fix

    Since starting addictive we have been sharing our thinking through our weekly email newsletter.

    We get great feedback on our Mobile Fix newsletter with lots of subscribers at Google (>400), Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, Apple, Amazon etc as well as many VCs, brands and agencies. Sign up here

    (you can also read Fix on our blog)

    Digital Transformation

    Businesses are increasingly realising they need to rethink their skills and processes as more and more of their revenue comes from digital. We do workshops to help teams adjust to this Digital Transformation and acquire the new skills and ways of working needed.

  • Studio


  • Projects

    Some recent projects and a couple of older ones. Get in touch to find out more.


    We worked with Northern & Shell to reinvent OK Magazine for mobile. We acted as Architect and developed the strategy as well as leading the UX thinking on the mobile site, with lots of pictures and scrolling. With huge mobile traffic - much of it from Twitter- OK now has a much more coherent role for its users and early indications show its been very succesful


    A wonderful charity, Plan was seeing mobile traffic rising but donations on mobile were a problem. We developed a new UX approach to donating and built a responsive site that works on the existing CMS and preserves all the urls, so there we no problems with SEO


    Hired by 2 of the UKs top entrepreneurs Stelios and Brent Hoberman, we worked with our friends at Ocasta to develop an iOS app that brings this innovative sharing economy business to life


    We developed the first Android app for this brand, drawing on their extensive database of attractions and enabling users to search for places around them or to plan ahead


    Our own IP project RCKSCK is a tool for Urban Explorers, designed to help users share and discover great experiences. These might be coffee shops, hotels or retailers. Whilst we work on the app, we are pretotyping the concept with a London focused email and on Tumblr. You can sign up for the Friday Edit emails here


    Skratch is another of our own projects - a social platform that helps people help people. By connecting volunteers with charites we have validated the idea in our Manchester beta and we are now talking with partners to roll out the concept to other areas

    Halifax Bank

    This is an old project for Halifax - in 2005 we developed a desktop app that showed the latest prices and promoted the Sharedealing service. An early example of Branded Utility

    (We did all the digital marketing for Halifax from 2001 until 2005 - lots of awards but crucially very effective at driving business metrics too.)


    Developed for STA Travel back in 2007 this was an early attempt at blending content and social. Users could share their travel experiences on a map, building to a really useful guide for travellers.

    Mobile Advertising

    We're increasingly involved in mobile advertising, as brands realise the best way to make their budget work harder is investing in good creative work. For this football betting we focused on Champions League games shown on ITV and targeted pubs with wifi. The creative tried to demonstrate the brand gets football, as well as offer free bets

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  • She's back

    My wife Deb Khan and her friend and business partner Lisa Unwin, have written an excellent book on returning to work after a career break and reigniting or accelerating your career.

    I think it's great, but I am biased.

    Luckily Arianna Huffington, Matthew D'Ancona, Sarah Wood and many more, think it is great too.

    In a world of #MeToo and Time's Up, She's Back. And so are you.

    You can download the first chapter here - its a proof so forgive any typos.

    And you can pre order it here.

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