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Do we need to Fix Programmatic?

Fix Live

It’s almost 5 years since we began sharing our thinking through Mobile Fix. When we started, email newsletters were very unfashionable and mobile was still a minority interest. The original idea was based on the adage. Don’t tell me you’re funny, tell me a joke so rather than going round telling people we were smart and they should hire us to help them understand what’s happening in mobile,, social and tech, we would demonstrate this with Fix.

That’s worked rather well – we have 4000 subscribers across Google (400+), Facebook, Yahoo etc as well as many VCs, Brands and Agency people. And many Fix subscribers have gone on to hire us as strategy consultants to better understand the market and the opportunities, as well as asking to speak at (or curate) their events.

We have now decided to add events to our model and we hope to achieve the same level of provocative thinking and informed debate in an intimate live event.

Our first Salon is focused on Programmatic and is inspired both by the dramatic growth and the apparent confusion over how it can be used. Our @Route55 project is about creative and programmatic and we want to better understand where the market is going. So we will dig into the ways businesses are using it to build their brand as well as drive response. And how Agencies and publishers see the current ecology and how they think it will evolve.

Our format is to have a series of sharp, focused presentations from real experts and then a panel to discuss the key topics and answer questions from the audience.

We are delighted to have Gawain Owen from Nestle talking though a case study of one of their brands and Erfan Djazmi of Essence will share the programmatic work thev have done for Google.

Attila from Infectious will talk about their pioneering work and Tom Bowman from BBC Worldwide will give a publishers view. And Henry Rowe from Far Partners will give us a high level view of the key trends.

And we are delighted that the smart people at OnDeviceResearch are coming on board as Partners - and their head of Strategy Matt Dodd will talk us through the fascinating work they are doing on measuring the brand effect of programmatic.

We may add one or two more speakers and we’re confident that the audience will add a lot to the debate –those signed up already include senior people from Amazon, ASOS, Google and Shelter as well as a couple of VCs.

( and if you have any questions or are interested in partnering with us let me know)

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