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Mobile Fix; August 2

Another Beach edition - some of the things I am reading and top news, but light on Views. Normal service resumes next week.

Dollar Dollar

Lots more financial results;


Lots of smart thinking on Amazon around at the moment;

This is a long read on What is Amazon;

Good NYT piece on Amazon aspirations in Grocery. Given how the UK leads the world in online grocery I think we will see more action over here and an acquisition seems inevitable - but will it be Sainsburys or Morrisons? ( I don’t think Walmart would sell Asda to Amazon)


Spotify misses a beat as subscriber numbers disappoint - still added 8m new subscribers and other numbers were good though. Big question is the deal they can strike with the major labels.

The FT on audio and Apple entering podcast market; The future of podcasting will be highly personalised

The Amazon Polly tech is really impressive and will help Voice take off

Social Change?

It feels like some big changes are imminent in Social. The Information did a piece on an internal Facebook project that warned of a Tipping Point and how Instagram and WhatsApp were driving all the growth. A UK study showed what we hear from many places; the young are dismissive of Facebook. And with both Snap and Twitter showing significant growth we have to ask where that time comes from?

So the new Snap campaign about Real Friends seems timely and has been executed well - with a smart use of Instagram ads and hashtags.

There is still lots going on with Facebook - new content for Watch with CNN signing up and an amazing project on Brain Computer Interface - where just imagining something can type it on the screen. And search ads are being tested.

But the fallout from The Great Hack does seem likely to be a tipping point. Mainstream journalists understand how data and phones are political tools and US politicians want to eliminate autoplay and endless scrolling so the ‘weather’ for Facebook is deteriorating. And with news that Boris is testing Facebook ads in the UK the focus on data, politics and Facebook isn’t going away.

I think Facebook should stop taking political ads. There is no upside - other than the revenue. And could Brand safety fears have an effect on revenue? When people (foolishly) avoid News sites to avoid Brand Safety issues do they want their ad in the News feed next to a political one?


Another Benedict Evans piece, this time on Netflix and software. He makes the good point that while we may look at newTV and DTC through a tech lens, the key issues for these businesses are not really Tech issues. Tech is a tool.

But many of the issues are relevant when we look through the advertising lens. Acquiring and retaining customers revolves around ad issues and the business model of advertising remains hugely important.

Amazon talking up their new shows at the Television Critics Association event - and how they are stalking Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller Bridges





The Video Game Industry Can't Go On Like This Problems in the console game business

Quick Reads

The head of Growth at Lyft explains their Marketing Automation in some detail - a perfect example of modern marketing, where tech and smart thinking are intertwined

The smart people at CCS are sharing their latest report on 5G - good summary

Brands are now hiring Talent Agencies like CAA - another threat to trad ad agencies

Good piece on how retail is about great experiences and how “Employees are retailers’ most valuable resource”

How to Do Strategic Planning Like a Futurist Since they mention a 2001 project it is a good chance to share our futurology project from the same time. If only Teletext had taken our advice..

Finally ….In case you missed this last week; some personal news as I close out my time with TMK and go back to being independent after the summer. I am keen to talk and plot with potential collaborators, partners and clients so do get in touch if you think we could help each other in any way. More to follow as I develop my plans.

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