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Mobile Fix - December 2

An abridged Fix - usual service was disrupted by a rogue Kidney Stone.

But the main thing to say is….

If you don’t do QR codes click here for the 250 hand chosen Christmas classics from some amazing Soul, Jazz and Reggae artists. It’s time for some proper Christmas Music and we have shared a version of this every Christmas for the last 15 years or so. Some people still have one of the original CDs we burnt.

The first 40 tracks are programmed to listen to in order but putting it all on shuffle works too. Especially with a large glass of Red. ( and do share - no-one should have to listen to Slade over the holidays)

Many Fix readers are Friends and Colleagues, Partners and Clients and I have enjoyed our collaborations this year. Let’s do more together in 2019.

But in the meantime, enjoy the holidays and lets all be grateful for our good fortune

If you really still in work mode these are worth going deep on;

Lots of good stuff, including a shout out for the list of 52 things Tom Whitwell learned this year. I love the fact that using a middle initial makes people think you are clever

And the latest edition of Operating Partner from Darren Herman has a good piece on the future of Agencies, with a list of companies that are on the right side of history. Very pleased that TMK is included in such good company.

Until next year..

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