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Mobile Fix - July 26

Beach Edition - a little lighter than usual as our beach holiday has - for once - coincided with beach holiday weather - even in Cornwall. So I am sharing what I am reading and the key news, but not too much in terms of views.

There is one thing I’d like you all to read; some personal news as I close out my time with TMK and go back to being independent after the summer. I am keen to talk and plot with potential collaborators, partners and clients so do get in touch if you think we could help each other in any way. More to follow as I develop my plans.

The money shot is their success at holding DAUs constant in the US - we wonder how that breaks down for Instagram? The full investors deck is here

Snap post record user growth and added 13m DAU - where does the time these people now spend on Snap come from? Much better revenue too - full stats here

I am fascinated by Vertical Video - the new scripted series that are featuring on Snap, Facebook Watch etc so was heartened by this quote from the results;

90% of Snapchatters who completed the first season of “Endless Summer,” a Snap Original produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, went on to watch season two in its first month.

Snap are commissioning new shows and looking at celebs like Arnie and Selena Wiliams as well as Internet Creators


Britbox launch plans revealed - to me it’s underwhelming and why ad free? ITV excel at selling ads - and have little experience selling subscription. I predict that within 12 months there will be ads on Britbox. The take from Variety is good

Email Newsletters

As you make have noticed email newsletters are in vogue right now. VC form A16Z have invested in Substack and their announcement is a good summary of the sector.

Vanity Fair cover the Substack news and think we are at peak newsletter - the timing of which is slightly bitchy as it coincides with the launch of the new email newsletter by Graydon Carter - former editor of Vanity Fair.

For another project I was digging back and found our first Fix was in February 2010 - so slightly ahead of the pack. Hopefully our plans for evolving Fix will keep us ahead.




One of the new areas I plan to focus on is scripted IP for the platforms and whilst my mandarin is poor I have been watching these Chinese dramas;

Quick Reads

The Fall Of Mic Was A Warning -Digital news isn’t easy

Mirror owner in talks to buy Johnston Press assets like the Yorkshire Evening Post. So much potential to improve my user experience when checking the latest Leeds United news - get rid of the pop up ads, Google surveys, outstream video windows and Taboola nonsense.

Finally ...make time to watch the Great Hack on Netflix. Good learning on how Facebook can work extremely well - albeit here by bad actors. Likely ramifications for Politics and for Privacy.

Fix is my thinking rather than that of MediaKitchen. We now have over 6400 subscribers across Google, Facebook, Snap, Amazon etc as well as many VCs, Brands and Agencies

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