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Mobile Fix - June 14

The new Mary Meeker deck is full of great insight - 333 slides of it. The Money chart has been the one we have used since the first of her reports in 2004.

So is it Job Done? Well not quite.

The user experience on some mobile sites is still poor and the advertising experience is still pretty dire. So lots of opportunity to seize an advantage over your competitors by better serving mobile users.






Amazon & Huge at Cannes - Bringing Brand Voice To Life Using

Innovation, Creativity And Storytelling

Amazon in Las Vegas - their Re-Mars event

Deep fakes


Quick Reads

Futuremade report for Sky on theNew Dimensions of Media - played a small part in this

What’s next in UA - we get a mention in here too

Finally - this is the list of ad interest i find by digging around my instagram account. Maybe we worry too much about data?

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