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Mobile Fix - September 29

It’s complicated

Writing this on the way back from the excellent Google Executive Summit where I spoke about mobile, we will stick with our Glass half full approach.

The world has changed and the rise of GAFA is due to brands following the shift in attention – investing their money where their audiences are.

This piece on why – despite all the doom and gloom - people keep spending on digital, is generally reassuring. Just like the brands at the Google event, the investment in digital continues because it works.

No-one is denying the problems and everyone is looking to minimize the downsides. But the attention has shifted to the mobile screen and those who work out how to mine that attention will secure a competitive advantage over their laggard rivals.

Even Mark Pritchard of P&G points up the good stuff they are doing with digital, whilst correcting their strategy

And it’s becoming really clear that solving ad fraud is going to be hard as the bad guys are clever and highly motivated by the ease with which they can make very good money. The FT has warned the industry that quite a lot of the FT inventory that can be bought across the Programmatic landscape is fake – and around £1m a month has been going to organised crime rather than ending up at the FT. And if the ads actually appear at all they are on random sites rather than the FT. The WSJ goes into more depth on domain spoofing here.

The US CMO Council has weighed in, pushing the responsibility for Fraud back to Media Agencies and suggesting account reviews will result. I was quite surprised by one element of their response;

Well, yes! As P&G say, you get what you pay for and that applies to the quality of your media thinking just as much as the inventory that gets bought. Philips has come to a similar conclusion and now encourage their media agencies to be more strategic

Data & GDPR

We are starting to see signs that some brands are getting their heads around GDPR and making plans. Lloyds have made some significant changes to their strategy

As Apple introduce their new approach to tracking on Safari it’s time to think about a world where lots of the tracking we take for granted just won’t work.

One place to learn from is the Kids market and Fix friends at SuperAwesome have shared some thinking on this

Search & Voice

Given the Apple antipathy to tracking their users we have long expected a policy shift on Google being the default choice for search on the iPhone. But we got it completely wrong - Apple is to switch all their Siri and spotlight search from Bing to Google.

Apparently it’s about Consistency with the Safari search and demonstrates just how seriously Apple take their customer experience; valuing it above the $billions they could probably have got from Bing to make the change the other way.

It reinforces Google as the main player in search and strengthens their play in Voice. We have been doing quite a lot of work on Voice and it’s interesting how hard Google is fighting Amazon – just adding Notifications to Google Home – although Amazon keep releasing cool new products.

For brands it is a reminder that Search remains a key driver of traffic and getting it right on mobile is crucial. So too is optimising for Voice search.

GAFA & Content

I don’t normally agree with much Manchester United say (or do) but I do think their Chairman is on the money when he predicts Facebook and Amazon will try to screen matches. The key date is February when the next Premier League deal (for 2022 to 2025) gets done and the article is a good summary of the current state.

Our friends at Facebook are getting ready, with this new job opening

It’s not just Sport. Amazon have partnered with BBC Worldwide to stream a new drama series in 200 countries

Quick Reads

Facebook continue to build out tools that connect online with offline – now you can buy ads against people who have made store visits or bought something purchases. This development of custom audiences looks very promising.

An Adobe study shows desktop still dominates in retail – just. We don’t think that will be the case for long. Many of the brands at the Google event are seeing well over half of their traffic on mobile.

GroupM are going deeper into Addressable TV with the launch of Finecast which aggregates all the addressable TV inventory in the UK, from a wide range of platforms – including Amazon, Channel 4 and Sky.

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