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Mobile Fix - The Christmas edition

We’re all about Christmas now - especially as we have skipped the country - but here are a few interesting things we spotted, that get into what we will be focusing on in 2017

The new Ben Evans deck is a must read – an update of his Mobile is Eating the World – looks at how AI changes everything

An interview with our favourite VC Chamath Palihapitiya gets into how Trump may effect the digital and start up world.

Facebook are looking at licensing TV shows to boost their new Video Tab. Along with the Apple Planet of the Apps TV show and Snapchat buying content rather than sharing ad revenue these moves underline our belief that GAFA are going to be big big players in Content.

The Big Data cliché does have some truth – evidenced by Hedge Funds getting into it as a way to identify possible deals. But the privacy issues are going to become more central, especially as GDPR promises to shake up the programmatic world. On the positive side we will see creative start to leverage data and our friends at Cablato are right in the middle of this shift.

But back to Christmas. As usual we have made a donation to our friends at Trekstock in lieu of Christmas Cards. If you are still looking for present ideas we recommend you check out our friends at Form and Thread – great menswear essentials– and Cocoa Runners – wonderful chocolate.

And the soundtrack for Christmas has to be our updated Soulful Christmas playlist. We started doing this over 10 years ago - originally as CDs we gave away to friends. Now a Spotify playlist that's 11 hours long! Best played on shuffle with a large glass of Red. Or start at the beginning for the essential tracks. Click on Marvin above to enjoy.

And one extra filler – this Prince track is a great new addition and apt given he was just one of the great talents 2016 took from us. But given his views on streaming, shortly before he died he took all his music off Spotify and Apple, so we can’t include it in the playlist. Much of his catalogue is available through Tidal though, and neatly fitting in with our predictions, we are still convinced that Apple – or Amazon – will acquire Tidal for the access to artists and exclusives.

Have a good one and see you in January

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